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Get to Know

Your Grand Connections Team

Judy Hall

(aka Grandma Judy)

Co-founder / Director of Operations

Armed with a graduate degree in clinical psychology, I’ve worked with children, adolescents and families in various clinical settings, taught psychology in both university and community college programs and co-founded a national nonprofit in education. More than a decade ago, desiring to make deeper bonds with my grandchildren, I combined my professional skills with my innate creativity to launch Camp Grandma, a theme-based summer experience designed to encourage my granddaughters’ discovery of the world around them, their family history, and themselves.

Kelly Walters

Co-founder / Creative Director

Building on my graduate education in behavioral ecology, I’ve spent many years bridging the gap between science and community through presenting customized programming for public schools, universities, museums, and educational enrichment programs. As a lifelong artist and performer, I’ve also gained proficiency in areas as diverse as costume and event design, sculpture, vocal arts, and interactive theater. Taken together, my skill sets integrate uniquely to fuel my passion for educating and inspiring people of all ages.

There's no doubt we're creative educator rock stars! But, more importantly, we are mother and daughter. Seeing the positive effects Camp Grandma had on our own family, we couldn’t wait to join forces to share this success with other grandparents

and their grandchildren...

and voilá, Grand Connections was born!

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