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Peek a Boo, Who Are You?

Here are more photos of Pam McGraw's cloth book that she made for a friend's 1-year-old granddaughter.

This is what she had to say about making it:


"I used left-over fabrics from quilts and other projects for the book pages and the flaps. I used a light-weight jeans fabric and a neutral gray 100% cotton for the pages. Each flap has a different animal on it, so it could also be used to learn the names of animals. I used clear sew-able plastic to make a window under the flap which holds a laminated photo of a relative.   

I embroidered a jack-in-the-box and the book name on the front cover, and made a jeans-style pocket (with the child's name embroidered on the pocket) on the back cover. Inside the back pocket is an unbreakable mirror on a ribbon so the child can pull out the mirror and see himself/herself - that is the last "peek-a-boo who are you". There are 12 pages. The photos, about 2.5 x 3.5", are laminated and I put two photos back-to-back so that you can flip them over and have other relatives under the flaps.  

It was a fun project and I can't wait to see how my friend's granddaughter reacts. I'm going to make another one for my grandson-to-be once he is born and has a name."

Awesome job,'re one creative Grandma-to-be!

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