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GrandCamp 101 Workshops

Learn how to give your grandkids a personalized, memory-creating, legacy-building,
tell-their-own-grandkids-about-it-in-fifty-years, knock-their-socks-off GrandCamp!

Join Grand Connections in the comfort of your own home (or at one of our prearranged venues) for a fun-filled, interactive, half-day workshop! Your GC Team facilitators will guide you and your fellow grandparents through the step-by-step process of designing your very own in-home GrandCamp for your grandkids. 

Learn about:

  • Creating custom camp themes to fit your unique family 

  • Exploring your creativity and discovering your hidden expertise

  • Planning the logistical nuts and bolts of your GrandCamp

  • And much, much, more!

 Workshop details and contact form


Workshop package includes: 3 hours of in-person instruction, illustrated handbook, and post-workshop online support.

Cost: in home $500. If you choose another venue, there may be additional charges. 

​Number of Participants: 1-10 (The more friends you bring, the less it costs per person!)

Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you to arrange the date, time, and other details of your workshop. Please note that we prefer to book no more than three months in advance. A $50 deposit will be due at time of booking which will be applied to your total or refunded if you cancel within 10 days of your workshop.

Thanks! We'll get back to you soon!

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