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Sparks will fly when you and your grandkids use cardboard, wire, and your imaginations to turn yourselves into chore-performing robots. Grandkids hate chores, you say? Not when they're

washer-bots, mower-bots, and more! Hilarity will ensue as you

work together to write a skit about your "robot family" solving a problem in a silly way. Then everyone will design and build their robot costumes, and you'll all make a video starring your chore-bots in action!

Build Your Robot Family DIY Experience Pack

    • Recommended for Ages:  all ages
    • Experience Topics:  acting, arts & crafts/design, scriptwriting
    • Time frame:  3-6 hours split into 1 or 2 sessions
    • This DIY Experience Pack includes 18 pages of fun!
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